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APC PowerChute Business Edition and VMware

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Today I tried to install APC PowerChute Business Edition on my workstation, but the setup started with an error message:

“VMware Server has been detected on this system. This version of PowerChute Business Edition does not support VMware Server.”

VMware Server is not installed on my system – just the Workstation version and the VI Client. I was too lazy to investigate for myself, so I got in touch with the APC Support. They suggested to deinstall all VMware products, install PowerChute and reinstall the VMware stuff… and so I did. The installation of PowerChute after doing it was successful, but after rebooting my computer another error message appeared:

“Error: 0, Failed to start APC PBE Agent service. VMware Server is installed, Please uninstall.”

So I had to update my support ticket and got the tip to install the previous version of PowerChute BE (8.00 or something). That works fine ๐Ÿ˜‰

Get the old version from here.

I uploaded the old version to Rapidshare. Get it here.


  1. I just ran into the same issue – I have Vista Pro x64 with VMWare workstation installed.

    I was going to use the free single node version of Powerchute Business Edition 8.01, but I can’t find a free version of 8.0.

    Besides your blog entry, I found no other reference to this problem.

    Comment by ephone1 — 2009/05/03 @ 23:40

  2. Where can you download PowerChute BE 8.00 (anything below 8.01 which gives the error you reported)?

    I’m not seeing older versions on their site.

    Comment by Phil G. — 2009/05/14 @ 18:51

  3. Nevermind. I found a back up of Version:
    It is working fine without issue and doesn’t complain about VMWare.

    Comment by Phil G. — 2009/05/14 @ 21:14

  4. Hello,

    I have the same problem here. Could you indicate me where i can find the PowerChute BE 8.00 ? I just see the 8.0.1 on the apc site.

    Comment by Alain — 2009/05/18 @ 17:35

  5. Link to the old version added in my post.

    Comment by Michael — 2009/07/22 @ 10:34

    • Where can I find PowerChute BE 8.00?

      Comment by David — 2010/03/22 @ 10:45

  6. Thank you for the download link.

    Comment by ChrisN — 2009/08/10 @ 20:11

  7. Your blog saved a lot of time to figure out the same issue. Good work, thanks!

    Comment by kirri — 2009/08/13 @ 16:39

  8. I solve the same problem with your pointer. Thanks.

    Comment by MK — 2009/09/02 @ 12:25

  9. […] you can simply not install this version of PowerChute on this machine โ€“ OR you could go here and follow the link to the Download of the 8.0 version of the software. This will start the setup with this […]

    Pingback by schrankmonster blog » APC PowerChute Business Edition and VMware Server… — 2009/09/22 @ 11:48

  10. Thanks a lot, I’ve been pretty annoyed with this.

    Comment by BD — 2009/10/05 @ 22:22

  11. Thanks, this was killing me, and I’m glad the workaround is so simple!

    Comment by Nick — 2009/10/21 @ 22:56

  12. Thank you SO much for hosting that v8.0.0 version! Worked perfect, you are a great person for taking the time . . . !

    Comment by James — 2009/10/26 @ 20:48

  13. Thanks so much– you’re a lifesaver! I couldn’t have lived with that stupid beeping for another day…

    Comment by DSticker — 2009/11/06 @ 03:07

  14. I just got off the phone with them and they suggested buying a network management card and the special APC network shutdown for vmware edition of the software. Instead, I made a script that shuts down other servers when the main server shuts down. Easy

    Comment by TA — 2009/11/20 @ 02:58

  15. You saved me! I finally solved my problem with your workaround. After installing the 8.00 BE version both VVMWare and APC Powerchute work. Thank you so much

    Comment by Marco — 2010/01/06 @ 13:44

  16. Ran into this post on Google. Thanks for the link, it solved my problem!

    Comment by Sam — 2010/02/07 @ 00:46

  17. Hi Michael,

    thank you for your precious suggestion! It just saved me a lot of useless work!

    Comment by Giovanni Mauri — 2010/02/07 @ 18:38

  18. This is really stupid by APC, I will ask their support, because I do not want to use an outdated version of powerchute, probably there is a reason for the update (other than the vmware thing).
    (I dont see a reason for why they dont support VMware installed on the host OS. VMware shuts down the VMs anyway, so one just needs to add a few minutes at the shutdown sequence to give the VMs time to shut down, methinks.)

    Comment by Philipp — 2010/03/14 @ 18:56

  19. Thanks for this! Saved me talking to APC support ๐Ÿ™‚

    Comment by Beau — 2010/04/01 @ 00:45

  20. The link is a dead end.. is anyone able to send me the file?

    Comment by Beau — 2010/04/01 @ 01:23

  21. @Philipp
    I agree. Please leave a comment here if you get any information about updates and/or workarounds.

    Above from that I uploaded the file to Rapidshare. Perhaps someone can provide further mirrors. Get it here:

    Comment by Michael — 2010/04/09 @ 13:10

  22. Sorry, I forgot to post this.
    APC simply say “it is not supported”, and the reason would be something concerning the localhost IP adress or so. I think this is just ridiculous.

    I did not want to install that 8.0.0 release on my server (.0 is always bad, besides we all do not know what kind of perhaps internal version this really is, do we?).
    I am using v. 7.something instead, which I took from the CD that was delivered with an older APC unit, and it basically works (apart from the usual stupidities of that software, like loosing the browser session or now and then loosing ups communication).

    A friend of mine (they have a slightly different APC unit, one with a digital display) uses an old “personal edition”, which also seems to work (with VMware).

    Comment by Philipp — 2010/04/09 @ 16:44

  23. Thanks!

    Comment by Mrmut — 2010/04/16 @ 17:17

  24. Thanks, this is really stupid from APC. I thought I just bought me a quality product.

    Digging a little deeper on the previously mentioned FTP server I found version 8.5.2 here: ftp://restrict:Kop$74!
    It installs with VMWare, I can’t verify yet since I haven’t connected the UPS.

    Comment by Dirk — 2010/04/19 @ 23:01

  25. Thanks a lot. I am facing the same problem and couldn’t find a solution until a find this blog. Am downloading the software from Rapidshare. Fingers are crossed. But thanks in advance. You are a life saver.

    Comment by Binmaa — 2010/06/29 @ 10:46

  26. Thanks, this worked for me.

    Comment by Paul M — 2010/06/30 @ 19:05

  27. Thanks a lot, this is a lifesaver!

    Comment by Mrmut — 2010/07/28 @ 13:20

  28. Same issue. Your link help me. Thanks. Not sure what they have against vmware but their installers aren’t very good.

    Comment by Matt — 2010/07/31 @ 00:20

  29. Thanks!

    Comment by RSA — 2010/10/09 @ 11:22

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